Daycare Tuition Fees 2020-2021

Half Day – School Year Daycare (Sept. – June)                    $13,125.00

Full Day – School Year Daycare (Sept. – June)                     $17,500.00

Half Day – Summer Daycare (July & August)                       $2,100.00

Full Day – Summer Daycare (July & August)                        $2,800.00

Half Day – Summer Daycare (1 Month Only)                        $1,181.25

Full Day – Summer Daycare (1 Month Only)                         $1,575.00

Daycare Admissions Procedures

Enrolment for the La Citadelle preschool program is contingent upon space availability and all new applicants will be placed in priority sequence based on the date of submission of the completed application package.

New applications for siblings of currently attending La Citadelle students and/or prospective applicants referred by existing La Citadelle families will be given priority in terms of space availability.

Step 1 –Submission of Application Package:

An Application for Admission Form must be completed, signed and

submitted to the attention of The Admissions Department along with the following documents for each applicant:

  • Copy of applicant’s proof of age, name and status in Canada (passport or birth certificate)
  • Copy of Health Card and Immunization Record
  • Current Photo (headshot only)

Mailing Address:

La Citadelle Admissions Department                                                                                 

36 Scarsdale Road,

North York, Ontario  

M3B 2R7    


Step 2 –Visit Days & Assessments:

Once completed application packages are received, students applying to SK – Grade 12 will be contacted to schedule visit day(s) as follows:

  • For current Junior Kindergarten & Senior Kindergarten – 1 Visit Day
  • For current Grade 1 to Grade 12– 2 Consecutive Visit Days

Preschool (Preparatory Kindergarten and/or Pre-Kindergarten) applicants do not require visit days; files will be directly submitted for review.

The Admissions Department reserves the right to request referrals and submit applicants to additional testing and/or interviews to better assess academic potential.

Step 3 – Admission:

The final decision regarding admission will be communicated to the parents via email and letter.

Preschool Blocks

Step 4 – Enrolment:

Spaces for Admitted Students will be held until the deadline date provided in the Letter of Admission. To secure enrolment, the signed +Registration Form along with the Admission Fee must be received by this date.


La Citadelle reserves the right to request a meeting with enrolled Preschool (Preparatory Kindergarten and/or Pre-Kindergarten) students accompanied by their parents prior to their commencement date.

For further inquiries, please contact the Admissions Department at


At what age can students begin Kindergarten?

  • 2 years old (toilet-trained) before December 31st of the enrolment year.
  • 4 levels of Kindergarten offered: Prep-K, Pre-K, JK & SK

What programs does La Citadelle offer?

  • B. Middle Years Program (Grades 6-10)
  • A fully functional university track program in Grades 11 and 12.
  • Four years of French instruction at the Kindergarten Division
  • A fully bilingual (50 / 50) program of instruction between English and French at the Elementary Division (Grades 1-8), with a 3rd language (Spanish or Mandarin) beginning in Grade 2
  • A Reach-Ahead Grade 8 program of study including Grade 9 credit courses
  • Linguistic Academic Support courses for students new to French / English
  • E.P. (Individual Education Plan) Programs for students with particular academic needs.
  • 4 report Cards at the Kindergarten and Secondary Panels / 6 at the Elementary Panel
  • Pre-AP (Grades 9-10) and AP Programs (Grades 11-12)

How may I contact the Admissions Office? – 416.385.9685, ext 211.

What makes La Citadelle unique?

  • An exceptional caring and holistic educational environment
  • An advanced and enriched curriculum from Prep-K to Grade 12
  • A comprehensive program in languages, arts and sciences led by dedicated, passionate, specialized teachers
  • Small student to teacher ratio
  • A genuine fostering of older student / younger student relationships (mentoring)

Do children have to speak French? Do parents?

No.  At the early grade levels, as most of the courses are taught in French, students adapt very quickly.  Parents do not need to speak French.  For older students, we have a Linguistic Academic Support program that harnesses those in need of such support and efficiently prepares students for full-course integration.

What do kids learn in Kindergarten? Is it a daycare?

Kindergarten at La Citadelle is not “Day Care.”  Rather, it is a curricular-based environment that offers academic and social enrichment on a daily basis.

What is the homework load like?

Time spent on homework is relative to the student’s grade division. At the early divisions, students are expected to have approximately 30-45 minutes of homework per night.  As the students grow older, the load increases, relative to the courses; however, so does the student’s ability to time-manage and this is partially due to our Method of Study courses, which begin in Grade 6.

What is the teacher/student ratio?

La Citadelle has a policy of 20 students maximum per grade level.  Such a class ratio is imperative to the type of holistic education we seek to deliver.

Do children wear a uniform at the Kindergarten Division?

Yes. – a gym uniform and a formal day uniform

Our Guidelines

Arrivals & departures

The following section is concurrent with the Schools’ Pick-Up and Drop-Off procedure available to all Parents and Guardians on the Parents’ Portal on the School’s Website.

In that context and upon arrival at the school, the child must be left with the assigned educator.  The educator will sign the register to confirm the child’s attendance.

  • The parent/guardian must accompany the child to the classroom;
  • The educator will greet the child;
  • The parent/guardian must transmit all pertinent information to the educator (for example: medication, health, early evening departure or departure with a different person).

Upon departure, the parent/guardian must inform and ensure that the educator documents the child’s departure.  Parents are responsible to advise La Citadelle preschool in writing of the names of people authorized to pick up their child.  La Citadelle preschool has the right to ask for specific identification before releasing the child.


Parents must ensure that all their children’s clothing and supplies are labeled in order to prevent the loss of such items.


Please advise the school’s Main Office of your child’s absence before 9:00 a.m. specifying the reason: personal, holidays or sickness (description of the illness). This will permit us to supervise the spread of illnesses.


La Citadelle preschool program has developed a Sleep Policy and Monitoring Guideline to ensure that all children in its care have a scheduled nap/quiet time normally scheduled after lunch for a maximum of two hours per day. Two sets of sheets will be provided to each child upon admission and parents will be responsible for sending a blanket and pillow (if desired).  All items will be taken home at the end of the week to be washed and returned on Monday. All items must be labeled with the student’s name. Parents are required to provide their child with closed slippers that will be worn during naps.

Toilet training

Children attending the Prep-K and Pre-K program at La Citadelle daycare must be toilet-trained.

Extra clothes

All children must have at least two sets of extra clothes left at the school including socks, underwear and pants, shirt, and coat (preferably in the school uniform colours).